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Your mental and physical clutter has a direct impact on your productivity. It also has an impact on those around you, including clients, suppliers and family. Here's how to stop it getting the better of you.

Cluttered time

So you can live with terminal tardiness, but can your customers, suppliers, family? Will your business or carer survive a constant cluttered schedule? Whether you dial in late for a Skype business call or keep your family waiting ("Just need to send this email darling...") your actions are having negative flow on effects.

Consistently keeping others waiting says to them "You do not value me or my time". Loved ones may even perceive "You are rejecting/neglecting me". Heavy stuff!! But there is an antidote:

  • Get organised! Use one diary only and do not overfill it.
  • Schedule in buffer zones for moving between appointments and shifting head spaces.
  • Block out time for tasks and stick to it.
  • Create clear time boundaries around your working hours for clients and family. And stick to them! The last thing your family wants is for you to be taking business calls at the dinner table.

Cluttered mind

Cluttered minds breed procrastination, stress and inefficiency.

Who said we can recall only seven significant things at any given time? If you're anything like me that will sound pretty optimistic. I operate on about three. What to do with the rest?

  • Write them down. So many great Apps available for capturing ideas
  • Make decisions quickly. This is a learnt skill. Schedule in time to gather the information you need to make the decision. Give yourself a deadline to make the decision. Decide. Don't second guess yourself. Often your first thought is the mind's way of giving you the answer.

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