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We can spend 24/7 gathering information. Most of the time we don't even have to be actively seeking it - the information just keeps rolling in and in and in....In so many different formats. But often we like to 'gather' and of course it's a necessary task on most days. We gather information to make decisions: from simple things like which networking event to attend, to more complex decsions like purchasing big ticket items. We need

information to make decisions. But how much do we need - and have we become addicted to information gathering? After all, at times it can be so much more fun than actually producing. 

Have you turned 'gathering' into a tool for procrastination? Answer these simple questions for some self evaluation: Do you:

  • spend more time 'gathering' than producing?
  • get frustrated by the amount of time it takes to make a decision?
  • trade 'gathering' for sleep or other important activities?

If so, you may want to think about how much is enough and what you can do to break the gathering/procratination cycle. The next article, Addicted to Gathering - Part Two will outline practical tips to overcome this cycle. Stay tuned!

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