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Do you feel you that your gathering of information is stopping you from acting, from being productive?

We all need information to make decisions, some of us may even turn information gathering into a bit of a hobby. Nothing wrong with that. However, if you feel your 'gathering' takes up too much of your time, try these 3 top tips to get it under control & make the most of all that information you gather:


  1. Set time limits on research for any decision eg: I am doing some research on an upcoming overseas trip. Of course it's fascinating and I could do it all day. However, I have alot of other things to do! To avoid endless distraction - and ensure I get some results -  I set aside 40 minute blocks, with a goal in mind for each one (today's goal is to work out in which city it is best to land)

  2. Allow your self 'free' gathering time. Yep - schedule the distraction time. Give yourself an hour to just look, gather, dream. 'Scheduled free time' will help you stay focussed in the times you need to. It's a bit like being on a diet that allows you to eat some sweet treats. You don't feel deprived and therefore the diet is overall, more effective! Can you relate to that?

  3. Know your own guidelines for gatheirng and keeping information. Many clients keep all the information that comes their way, simply because they don't know what to toss. Set up your own guidelines. There are of course externally imposed guidelines like documents for tax or legal purposes. All businesses need to have a Records Management Policy of some description. (We can also do this in our personal lives - which helps not to re-invent the decision making process constantly.) But in essence, know what you need to keep and for how long.  That is an entire artcile on it's own!

Try one of these tips and see how it affects your productivity. More time, less stress, guaranteed!



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